Intermittent Perforators.

The P.X Intermittent perforation unit is a fully enclosed unit, suitable for the hot perforation of polythene, polypropylene, metallized film and most synthetic materials. The perforator can operate at up to 400 cycles per minute
with a working width of up to 2 metres and production speeds of up to 200 metres per minute

Key Benefits:

  • Print register- This perforator can perforate to a print register mark
  • Pre set lengths - Can perforate to preset lengths, which can be set on the control panel
  • Intermittent mode- Can run in intermittent mode up to 400 cycles per minute
  • Manual Mode-When in manual mode it can be run as a standard perforator.
  • Solid state heater controls- Both internal and externally heated pin roller ( for increased production speed)
  • Timer- Timer for automatic warm up ( no waiting time for heater to warm up)
  • Automatic speed control- Perforator automatically matches web speed to produce round holes.
  • Automatic cool down- When cooling down the machine will automatically switch off when a safe temperature has been reached.
  • Guards- Fully guarded with interlocks and emergency stop
  • Heat shield- Fully interlocked automatic heat shield for web protection
  • Remote station- Remote stop/start for perforating which can be built into slitter control panel
  • Pin segments- Pin segments are easily interchangeable for different perforation patterns including striped perforation.
  • Hole adjustments- The diameter of holes can be adjusted with the needle depth adjusters.
  • Installation- The perforators are easily installed on to slitter/rewind units, bag machines etc.


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